41358 Ann Arbor Trail

27 Jun

41358 Ann Arbor Trail, once home to Ambrose Burr (one of Plymouth’s 1st Pioneers) was built around 1845. The home was remodeled in 1930 by Burt Tomlinson. The exterior bares little resemblance to it’s original clapboards & shutters appearance. *House under renovations at the time of photo


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  1. Debra January 8, 2017 at 3:31 PM #

    I grew up in this house. It was numbered 41350 at that time. My parents, Wayne & Patsy Thompson, purchased it from Burt Tomlinson & wife perhaps about 1950. Mom & Dad moved from Northville. They rented the tall side out and lived in the short side (how we referred to it) as it was 2 complete houses. We we told the short side was the original house and the tall side was moved there and attached. We eventually moved in August 1973 and the house sold I think in 1975 to a family whose last name started with a “Z.” The house was originally situated on 5 acres and we used the piece of property to the left of it as a garden till my Dad gave it to my Uncle who built the ranch style house on it. When they bought the property, Tomlinson stipulated that Dad had to tear an old barn down when he moved in. There was a 4 bay metal garage with an attic full of Tomlinson’s antiques behind the house as well as another barn behind it. I remember them saying that when they climbed to the top of the metal garage and looked out, they saw more outbuildings that were obscured from view because of the amount of overgrowth on the property. Evidently Tomlinson & wife were kinda hoarders, as they saved everything even burnt matchsticks. I was under the impression that Tomlinson was the original owners, but census say otherwise. My brothers and I have the fondest of memories here and many old pictures to reminisce on. I thought it was barely 100 years old when we lived there, but I found an old picture of it in a book with the owners in front dating it back to the middle 1800’s as you said, so it would have been at least 120 years when we were there. And it was a grey-blue stucco.

    • Plymouth Willie July 27, 2019 at 8:35 PM #

      My sister says that it was the Zylers that lived in the house. They attended Good Counsel.

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