587 West Ann Arbor Trail

27 Jun

587 W. Ann Arbor Trail. Built in 1928. This building was purchased by Dean Saxton about 1937 and has been a fixture in Plymouth since then. The addition was added in the late 40’s. Saxton’s sold commercial & residential lawn care equipment and tools. It is unfortunate to see the doors close 10/31/2012. Today this property is owned by the Plymouth Downtown Development Authority.


3 Responses to “587 West Ann Arbor Trail”

  1. Dale Behler September 2, 2013 at 3:07 PM #

    My dad, Harold Behler, worked for Dean Saxton in this building for several months in about 1947-48 until he went into the greenhouse business in 1948. As a kid living at 266 Irvin St., I visited my dad at Saxton’s quite often. My big attraction other than seeing Dad, was to get an ice cold Nesbit Orange pop from their cooler. The store sold farm and garden seeds, Larro Feeds and even fresh ground horse meat for dog food. At Easter time, they sold baby chicks dyed yellow, blue or pink as gifts for children. I raised a couple of them in my backyard. There was a large meeting room on the second floor of the building and I remember winning a live chicken while playing bingo up there at a Feather Party before Thanksgiving. I was born in 1934 in a white house just a block or so east of Saxton’s which still located on the northwest corner of Ann Arbor Trail and Hamilton St.

  2. dean saxton September 10, 2014 at 1:18 AM #

    This is Dean F. Saxton III the grandson living in Tucson, Az. and I have many fond memories of my grandfather and uncle Bill (William Saxton) and cousins in this building. The Knights of Pythius once met in the big hall on the 2nd story. Later I helped remodel the second story into a house for Bill and Val to live in. We had an old yoke and plow and pumps from great grandfather Fred Saxton up on the walls. Those were great times in my life.

    • Nancy Clinansmith Jowsey September 2, 2016 at 3:43 PM #

      Was this ever a part of the Underground Railroad as I had heard growing up?

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