47420 Ann Arbor Trail

26 Feb


47420 Ann Arbor Trail built in 1928 by Hal Wilson. This storybook looking house that stands at the North West corner of Ann Arbor Trail and Beck Rd is a Cotswold style home with an organic looking cedar shake roof. This home at a quick glance appears to be a humble home but in fact is a 2700 square foot, 5 bedroom residence.  After Mr. Wilson lost this home during the Great Depression, the next owner of this home was Norman Ruehr who used to own Heide’s flowers which at one time was the longest running business in Plymouth. Norman’s parents Reinhold & Louise Ruehr purchased Heide’s flowers in Old Village Plymouth from Carl Heide shortly after they immigrated from Germany. This home was given a couple of names by the locals, most popular were the “Casa Llama” and the “Peacock House”.  This property used to be inhabited by the Ruehr’s pet llamas and they also had peacocks. The front of the home is also decorated with a large peacock, thus the names it was known as. Inside you could find the presence of an Armor suit and a number of interesting items that were brought from places around the world that they had traveled to. One could overlook these items while standing from the second floor balcony inside. The current owner purchased this home from Emily Ruehr the widow of Norman who passed away in 1997. This is a very unique home that we hope to see will continue to be a part of Plymouth’s landscape for many years.

3 Responses to “47420 Ann Arbor Trail”

  1. Dale Behler March 5, 2017 at 10:54 PM #

    I became friends with Norman Ruehr when we were both about ten years old and he lived in the Reuhr house at Mill and Liberty St. across from the original Heide’s Greenhouse. His mother called my mother a few times to have me come over to play with Norman, who she said had no friends his age in that area of town at the time. Later on Norman and I were good friends in the PHS class of 1952. Norm was a good guy and we kept in touch from time to time over all those years until his death in 1997.

  2. stew oldford sr May 3, 2017 at 3:27 PM #

    my brother and i were friends and roomates of norm at this home which at that time was known as STONECREST.at that time there were quite a bunch of bachelors living there and we threw many parties of up to 100 people from detroit to ann arbor. norm met emily at one of the parties. she was from detroit at the time.several years later they were married there and i was their best man. gradually we all got married and moved away. a gentleman whose last name was DODGE owned the house after the depression until he died in the late 50’s and norm bought it including 5 acres for the sum of $19000..the barn north of the house was originally part of the pino farm which i developed as COLONY FARMS just west of STONECREST .norm and i graduated from PHS in 1952 and i regarded him as the most intelligent businessman i knew. i also built his flowershop on the corner of ann arbor trail and harvey st,.which was designed by TIVADAR BALOGH a talented architect.those old stone walls hold many wild stories of our escapades iduring our singles life. stew oldford

  3. Chris May 6, 2018 at 8:40 PM #

    Norman’s business was named Heidi’s not Heide’s. The family story is that he purchased the name from his father for a dollar. Then he built his own florist shop on Ann Arbor Trail and Harvey St. in downtown Plymouth. I spent many holidays in the cold garage wrapping plants and getting flowers ready for delivery. It was a beautiful store. Heidi’s Loft, the gift shop on the second floor, was run by Norman’s wife, Emily, and her friend. I still have a lamp that I purchased from cousin Em. Chris

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