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448 N. Sheldon Road

21 Dec


Built in 1844. This historic farm house once belonged to the Durfee family as in the same Durfee kin that also owned the farm house that stands at the corner of Sheldon and Penniman (within a short walking distance) When looking at a late 1800’s map it appears that this house stood at the South West corner of a farm property that once extended North to Junction St and as far East as Harvey St. At one time this house even served as a Bed & Breakfast and the estate was even named Auburn.

1496 Penniman Ave

27 Jun

1496 Penniman (@ Sheldon Rd) Built circa 1832. This home sat on the South West Corner of Gideon Durfee’s 80 Acre farm property. This historic Gothic Revival home is blended with modern technology, when viewing this home from Sheldon Rd you can’t miss the solar panels on the West facing roof.