1395 Park Place

8 Jan


1395 Park Place. Built by Cass Sheffield Hough in 1927. This was the first home built in the Hough Park neighborhood and was the home of Cass and his first wife Margaret. Cass was born in 1904 here in Plymouth and was the Grandson of Lewis Cass Hough (an original founder of Daisy Air Rifle Co).  At an early age Cass was very interested in aircrafts and became one of the earliest licensed pilots in Michigan in the 1920s. He graduated from the Culver Military Academy in 1921 and then graduated from the University of Michigan in 1925. Cass went to work as the Sales Manager of Daisy Air Rifles. In 1939 Cass joined the US Army Air Corps. During World War II he flew regular missions escorting bombers over Europe and was assigned by Gen. Jimmy Doolittle to head a unit to solve operational problems. The group of talented pilots developed lightweight external fuel tanks, the P-38 Droop Snoot, bomb sight, 2,000-pound bombs and rocket-propelled bombs to penetrate German submarine pens. Chuck Yeager is better-known for being the first man to break the sound barrier in level flight in 1947, but Hough and perhaps some others broke it much earlier during dives.

After WWII, Hough rose to chairman of Daisy Manufacturing and served as member, acting director, and chairman of Michigan Aeronautics Commission. Today Col. Cass Hough is also enshrined in the Aviation Hall of Fame. In 1976 Cass authored the book “It’s a Daisy” telling the detailed story of the Daisy Air Rifle Company. Mr. Hough passed away in 1990 at his Florida home but is forever resting in peace here in Plymouth at the Riverside Cemetery. We are proud to have his well preserved home as a part of our great community of Plymouth.

Below is a photo of Cass Hough as a pilot during World War II and a photo of Cass in 1950 at his desk serving as President of the Daisy Air Rifle Company here in Plymouth.


5 Responses to “1395 Park Place”

  1. Sue Kaufman January 8, 2017 at 1:21 PM #

    Thank you for the great slice of history in this article. It was a great read. My family came to Plymouth in 1969 and remain yet. I shared this on my fb page.

  2. Ken Garner January 8, 2017 at 2:11 PM #

    Jim, I really enjoy your pictures and history of Plymouth Michigan. Thank you for your time and devotion for bringing us the history of our community.

  3. Krista January 9, 2017 at 9:32 PM #

    Thank you for your time and dedication to the research of Plymouth! I have learned so much about the city I grew up in!

  4. Chris Lee September 25, 2017 at 5:20 AM #

    I actually grew up in this house. I love it, I think I lived there for around six years as a teenager. You’re article was very interesting, makes me want to follow up. Nothing but good memories. Hit me up if you want to talk.


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    […] Their first home was actually the first home built in the Hough Park neighborhood (located at 1395 Park Place). When this Georgian Colonial was built, it was constructed to the satisfaction of wife Margaret […]

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