761 Starkweather Street

8 Nov


Built Circa 1875 by Peter Gayde. Mr Gayde was a well known business owner who was also an elected official of Plymouth. When Peter immigrated to Plymouth he was instrumental in forming the German Lutheran Church in Old Village. Peter’s store was located in the Starkweather Building located on Liberty Street. When Peter passed away in 1902 his Sons continued to operated his store under the name of Gayde Brothers Groceries.

One Response to “761 Starkweather Street”

  1. Mark Oppat January 10, 2017 at 5:16 PM #

    This home was purchased from the Costanza family who operate the nearby Station 885 restaurant in late 2004. It was used as a two family home, often housing employees of the restaurant. It has one of the few carriage barns left in Plymouth. The barn and home have since been extensively renovated. When the aluminum siding was removed, an original arched window was discovered and has since been restored to the upper front facade. Great care has been taken with this home and it now stands as one of the jewels of Starkweather street.

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