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 14973 Northville Road, Ford Phoenix Mill Plant

26 Jun

14973 Northville Rd. Built in 1922 by Ford Motor Company is a 2 story structure that was designed by Albert Kahn. This plant was part of Ford Motor Company’s Village Industries that Henry Ford started in 1918. This structure originally had a hydro-powered generator that provided electricity for the factory and was driven by a part of the lower Rouge River.  At one time this factory had only women workers (with the exception of the Plant Manager). This was the first known factory in the United States to pay women the same wage as men. This factory once made resistors and switches that supplied the Auto Giant. At one time it was proposed to have this location become a Women’s labor Museum but the idea never evolved due to a lack of funding. Ford donated this plant to Wayne County and was used for many years as a storage site for Wayne County Parks.  The following link has more information about this building: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phoenix_Mill

Below is a photo of the Phoenix Mill Plant from Northville Road and a photo of the back side of the building taken from Hines Drive.


Below is a historic view of the current structure (left) and a historic photo of the original Phoenix Mill (right) which once stood on this same spot. The original Mill burned down.

Phoenix MillHistoricPhoenixMill

Below is a photo of women at work inside the factory. Image from TheHenryFord.org