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187 Adams Street

26 Jun

187 Adams St. Built in 1834. Known as the “Pumpkin Hill House” a name given by  a previous owner (Sandra Richards) that had a birthday of Oct 31 and had also claimed to be a practicing Witch. Yes, we said Witch. The home was in still in its primitive condition until the current owners rescued this home and brought it into the 21st century. This house still has original hand hewed timbers and others signs of its earlier years. Today this house is “hands down” a wonderful example of how a historic home can be saved and made into an excellent modern home. The painstakingly long hours and effort put into this home will keep it a wonderful part of our community for many years to come. Today this home is also occupied by a black cat named “Pumpkin”. (See Below)


Below is an old photograph taken circa 1982 before it was remodeled.

pumpkinhill1970s0001    pumpkincat

Old house photo and picture of Pumpkin courtesy of Patricia Malcolm.