306 S. Main Street

21 Dec


306 S. Main Street. Built in 1920. This Iconic Plymouth structure was originally built as the Plymouth United Savings Bank. There’s no missing this building when you’re in downtown Plymouth as it stands guard at the corner of Main and Penniman overlooking Kellogg Park. This bank was once run by some the most well known names in Plymouth’s history like: Bennett, Geer, Hough, Shearer, Starkweather, & Wilcox. This structure was built using solid materials like Limestone. This bank was built on the same spot where the old Coleman building once stood. This building operated as a bank until 1994 when it was sold. It has since seen a couple of different occupants and is currently home to the Greek Islands Restaurant.

Below is a photo from 1920 right after the construction of the bank, notice that the clock on the front hadn’t been installed yet.


One Response to “306 S. Main Street”

  1. stew oldford sr May 3, 2017 at 3:46 PM #

    you forgot to mention FLOYD KEHRL who was this banks principal manager and majority stockholder who merged with NATIONAL BANK OF DETROIT in the 1950’s. FLOYD was respectfully known as UNCLE FLOYD by his businessmen customers who greatfully respected him. UNCLE FLOYD helped me over some pretty rough times when i was a fledgling builder back in the 50’s and 60’s.FLOYD became one of NBD’S LARGEST STOCKHOLDERS as a result of this merger. he also was many farmers principal banker and clerked many farm auctions.

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