676 Penniman Ave – Markham-Wilcox House

27 Jun


676 Penniman Avenue. Built in 1901 by William (Phil) Markham, Owner of the Markham Air Rifle Factory which still stands at 340 N. Main St. Today this home still bares a Penniman address although the street no longer crosses the front of this home. This Iconic Queen Ann Style fixture of downtown Plymouth was originally built as a home for Markham’s young mistress, Blanche Shortman. Markham’s Wife Carrie refused to divorce because of her strong Christian beliefs. Carrie passed away in 1910 and Markham married his mistress Blanche. These actions were met with outrage by the locals that the newlyweds were shunned. Blanche could hardly bare the public persecution that the decision was made to leave town and move out West. In 1911 Markham placed an ad in the “Plymouth Mail” stating the sale of his home. The home was purchased by George Wilcox. This home was owned by the Wilcox family for nearly 90 years. Today this home is being used for commercial purposes.

Visit this page for more historical info:  http://www.wilcoxfoundation.org/history-of-the-wilcox-house.html


3 Responses to “676 Penniman Ave – Markham-Wilcox House”

  1. John Sutherland March 20, 2016 at 10:21 AM #

    We lived directly behind the Wilcox mansion at 284 Elizabeth Street. Our house is no longer there. We used to play in the woods behind the mansion where there were steel pole stansions used to tie up horses that I assume were used for horse drawn carriages. On occasion, Mr. Wilcox would catch us back there and complain to my parents that he didn’t want anyone back there which made the game even more fun.

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    […] number of homes in S.E. Michigan. Interestingly enough he also owned and built the home located at 676 Penniman Ave which he built for his mistress Blanche. After his wife Carrie passed away in 1910, he married […]

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