291 Spring Street

20 Mar



291 Spring Street. Plymouth’s oldest Church structure. Built circa 1838 was originally a Baptist Church located on Mill Street. In 1855 this church structure was purchased and moved to this location by the newly formed German Lutheran Church which was organized with the help of German Immigrant and local business owner, Peter Gayde. Plymouth’s Old Village area was once the home of many German immigrants and this church was bustling with activity years ago. One of Plymouth’s oldest Cemeteries is located a short walk near the church. Old clapboards are hidden below the more modern siding but it still sits on a field stone foundation and most of the current parishioners have no idea of its extensive Plymouth history. Take a walk inside and you’ll likely be mesmerized by the exquisite stained glass windows which actually bare the names of some well-known people from Plymouth’s past. Today this Church is now the Church of Christ West and is virtually hidden behind Starkweather school. This is one of Plymouth’s great treasures that most people know very little about. As you can see in the historic photo below, the steeple is about the only thing that has seen any significant change through the years.

Historic photo from turn of the century (1900) time period. Photo (below) courtesy of the Plymouth Historical Museum.


2 Responses to “291 Spring Street”

  1. Susan Beyer Hicks April 15, 2016 at 3:19 PM #

    I can load you up with a ton of pictures, if you are interested. I am Susan Beyer Hicks and I grew up at 725 North Mill Street in Lower Town a.k.a. Old Village. My dad owned Beyer Rexall Drug stores on the corner of Main and Mill, Forest and Ann Arbor Road. For your information, the Beyers were long time residents. My father was born in our house in 1920. Now that’s history!

    • christine June 17, 2016 at 1:41 AM #


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