1338 Penniman Ave

6 Mar


1338 Penniman Ave at the intersection of Evergreen Street. Built in 1860 by Isaac M. Hoag. Isaac purchased the property that this home sits on from E.J. Penniman in 1858 and built this home for his family 2 years later. Mr. Hoag farmed this land and was a nurseryman. He actually operated a nursery from this home. If you look closely at the back of this residence, it appears to have a small house attached to the back side. It is believed that a small home was moved and added to the overall residence although it is unclear as to when this occurred or where the smaller structure was moved from. In the early 1900s more of the home’s property was slowly subdivided and additional homes were built around it. It was recorded that at one time this home had a number of large apple trees on the property.  In 1936 this home had been significantly remodeled by architect Thomas Moss. Although this Civil War era home has seen a number of occupants through the years, today it’s hard to miss this place when taking a cruise down Penniman and it’s easy to appreciate how well it’s survived.

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  1. Mary Vallier-Kaplan April 16, 2019 at 3:58 PM #

    Archie and Johanna Vallier and their daughters, Jane and Mary, lived here from about 1951-1974. The backyard served as the neighborhood ball field and several of the apple trees remained on the property. Many remember Archie driving through the neighborhood on a snowy night on his tractor plowing sidewalks for all. Archie was a Plymouth City Commission member for many years and a Wayne County Commissioner helping to oversee the building of the then new Metro Airport which replaced Willow Run and restoring integrity to the Wayne Couny Sheriff’s Dept. Johanna helped start the regional child guidance clinic system, the Plymouth Women’s Study Group and the Plymouth Antique Club. Both were long time leaders and members of the First Presbyterian Church. Jane and Mary proudly graduated from Plymouth High School also having been leaders throughout their school years. All four of the Valliers dearly loved Plymouth and their house at 1338 Penniman and whenever in Michigan drive by to remember this wonderful house and neighborhood.

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